Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bathrooms can also be fun

Whenever there are bad times in any part of your life, take a brunch of friends and go to the bathroom, and you'll never forget that moment.

Outfit #3

Blazer Topman
Jeans Topman
Shoes Office
Shirt Vintage
Tie Made by myself

Monday, 8 March 2010

Fall-Winter 2010/11

Hey guys!

I've been busy these days and I couldnt have time to post anything new. Today I want to show you one of my favourite looks we could enjoy in the fashion shows in NY, Milan and Paris... Hope you like them!

Ermenegildo Zerna

If your office was high in the Dolemites, this would be your winter wardrobe—a collection of plush gray flannel suits, nipped and tucked just so, paired with a range of dark knit shirts and rich cashmere ties. And what about casual Friday? It's got that covered too, with its thick turtlenecks and shearling-lined leather bombers.


Aspirational monasticism. Squint a bit and you can see that albino dude from The Da Vinci Code wearing these garments: slim suits in priestly black, shirts in white, monk sandals re-done in patent leather that can be worn with a gold crown-of-thorns necklace, as well as spandex tights and skirt-shorts that are perfect for concealing a cincture.

Bottega Veneta

String ties, pompadours, snap-brim fedoras, thick-soled brogues with white socks and upturned cuffs, double-breasted wool blazers in black, purple, and red, cut loose to let you swagger in style. This season, it's the Bottega Man as part Teddy Boy, part Jerry Lee Lewis, and 100 percent hell-raiser.

Alexander McQueen

An entirely printed collection—of suits, leather coats, bank-heist ski masks, even shoes. Some of the prints are on the dark side like a pile of human skulls and bones, some simply puzzling. You could try to make sense of it all, or just accept it as McQueen being his usual subversive, brilliant, mischievous, visionary self.

Neil Barret

Let's see, are you in the mood for your black wool peacoat, or is it more of a leather-jacket day? Not to worry. Neil Barrett has all your schizo style needs covered. He fuses fabrics (and lapels and collars) together in a broad selection of precisely tailored outerwear. And just as the individual pieces are cut-and-paste jobs, so is the collection itself, half of which looks as if Neil tossed it in the washer and dryer, producing a run of a crumpled-and-creased charcoal wool suits and black leather coats.


What's French for "clothes for rich young dudes"? In other words, suits that at first look remind you of your own stuff (i.e., there's nothing fashion-y here), but when you look closer, you see the differences: they're suits that are cut more French and youthful than American (i.e., slim and tight and shuzzhed up with a wallet chain.) And Hermès being Hermès, it's all about the insane craftsmanship. Especially when it comes to the leathers and other skins, their specialty. Like in the shoes and croc jackets and suede coats. Just the thing you want to be wearing when you are having brunch on Sunday and ordering a $30 bellini.

Simon Spurr

Not every stylish American guy wants to walk around these days in a sack suit, looking like JFK or an extra on Mad Men. Some dapper gents out there aspire to something a bit more...British, a bit more rakish. And for that they can turn to expat Simon Spurr, he of the double-breasted everything (topcoats, peacoats, snug leather jackets), tight-as-a-corset three-piece suits, and black jeans as trim as a tailored trouser. In a sense, exactly what you'd expect from an Englishman in New York.


Picture Robert Evans's life in the swinging '70s—jetting from Palm Springs to Gstaad to a red-carpet moment—and then picture his suitcase. The Gucci man is a man on the move, and one dressed for any locale. Slimmer-cut wool suits in camel and gray for the office; navy blazers for the club, paired with iconic bit loafers; chunky wrap sweaters for in front of the fire. Then throw in some fur, a corduroy safari suit, and some extra-lush blazers in magenta and ruby for all those other moments in a man's life, and it's showtime.

John Galliano

Let's just say, Not so...elementary. As always, Galliano crafts a multi-act drama. (Spoiler alert: Important plot information follows!) There's Sherlock Holmes (well-cut trenches) meets Edwardian dandy (slick, elegant, eight-button double-breasted suits)

Giorgio Armani

Velvet pants and sports jackets, berets, Cossack coats, shawl collars. A mostly muted palette of gray, black, tan, and white. As always, Giorgio Armani knows what he likes, and gives you plenty of ways to see it.


This season, Mrs. Prada takes all the best pieces in a man's closet and does them in her own inimitable way: navy and gray suits; camel sport coats paired with pale blue or pink shirts; moleskin topcoats with thick-knit collars; form-fitting peacoats. But Prada being Prada, there's always the wild and new: like topcoats in pink-gray-and-white camouflage or in a shiny, rubbery black. Clothes for a man who treasures the classics but knows he is living in the thick of the 21st century.

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