Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sunset in Brighton

There are moments in your life in which you just want to enjoy the sunset in the seaside and forget about everything that is happening in your life.

I wear...

Blazer Topman
Shirt H&M
Tie Primark
Trousers Cheap Monday
Shoes H&M

Monday, 25 October 2010

Massie Party Commercial

Hey guys,

I've been quite busy lately. Work, work and more work. But between reading and reading, we take our camera to have fun. This is the result: the commercial of the House Party we keep on throwing twice a year for 3 years already, The Massie Party. Parties which are the excuse to meet all our friends who live in different cities and countries.

I'm looking foward to the 13th to come.

Hope you like it.


VETO - Cannibal

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Films: Gummo

Gummo (1997) is one of these films that make you think about our own society. This film, with a strong surrealist influences, is about the society that hardly is shown on tv. These people who has nothing to do with their lifes and they just waste time doing nothing. A very interesting film where violence, homophobia, racism... are shown in a diferent and breath-taken way.

Do not except the prototype of film we're used to watch. The plot of the flim is difficult to be described since it's the camera who follows the character as if it was a documental.

Some scenes really worth it. For instance, the scene where two kids seem to play with the bunny guy with toy guns is really shocking. The violence is not in the guns, is on the people who use them. Another scence that shocked me is when Solomon is taking a bath in a very dirty bath with dark water and he is eating while he's mum is washing his hair.

Without any doubt, this is one of these films you have to watch at least once in your life.